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NRA Basic Pistol (LTC/FID)


Our 8-hour NRA Basic Pistol course is designed to cover proper pistol safety, general gun knowledge, gun laws, and provide live-fire experience. The certificate received by completing this course is...

NRA Basic Pistol E-Learning


Learn everything covered in our standard NRA Basic Pistol course at your own pace and from the comfort of your couch. We'll schedule a time to meet at the range...

Rhode Island LTC

From $60.00

Apply for your Rhode Island LTC by completing our live-fire qualification. Score 195 of better with 30 rounds to qualify. Two attempts for $40 when supplying your own gun and...

UTAH LTC (Non-Resident)


Gain the freedom of carrying a firearm in 29 states. Our 4-hour UTAH LTC (Non-Resident) course is perfect for the individual looking to apply for the LTC in Rhode Island....

Before You Carry & Defend


Completing a licensing course is the first step in your firearms training. Have you purchased or in the process of considering purchasing your first firearm and want to learn the...

Patriot Trauma Care


Whether you are an experienced gun owner or someone who just purchased their first firearm, everyone should know how to treat a gun shot or bleed wound. As responsible gun...

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals 1 (DSF-1)


The USCCA DSF Program is designed to teach ALL responsibly armed Americans how to respond efficiently and effectively during a dynamic critical incident. Description:  The USCCA DSF Program is designed...

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals 2 (DSF-2)


Our DSF-2 course picks up right where DSF 1 leaves off. Apply everything covered in our DSF-1 class to the next level and learn how to respond efficiently in dynamic...

NRA Pistol Instructor


Our NRA Pistol Instructor course is the first step in becoming a certified pistol instructor. All prerequisites must be completed before your class date. We break our course into two...