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Field Strip, Clean, & Storing a Firearm

Field Strip, Clean, & Storing a Firearm

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Learn how to properly field strip, clean, and store your firearm. Keeping your firearm clean is an essential aspect of being a responsible gun owner. Our lead firearms instructor will walk you through the necessary steps of maintaining your own firearm and provide his recommendations on the best methods and cleaning accessories on the market. This private one-on-one lesson also covers a variety of options and best practices for safely securing and storing your firearm when not in use.

Protect your investment and yourself! Shooting a neglected firearm can be dangerous and could result in irreversible damage to your firearm, yourself, and people around you. This two-hour lesson is intended for the beginner or anyone who wants a refresher on the best cleaning and maintenance practices. This lesson is scheduled by appointment only. Our instructor will send you an email to schedule a date and time that works for you after purchase. 

Please note: Live ammunition is never allowed in the classroom. 


There are no prerequisites for taking this class.

Class Logistics

Field Strip, Clean, & Storing a Firearm is currently offered at 51 Winthrop St. in Rehoboth.

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