Our training philosophy is simple: we care about the educational and training journey of each and every student that passes through our school by meeting their individual goals and needs. We at Patriot strive for excellence by ensuring that our training is always current with the latest techniques and standards in recreational shooting and self-defense. We offer a variety of courses for all skill levels and maintain a small class environment to create a personal atmosphere between our instructors and customers. Whether you are looking to get your firearms license, enhance your self-defense training, or become a certified instructor, we have the class for you.


    Experience the next level of firearms training with our advanced courses curriculum. Gain the skills to be a confident and competent defender. Take your firearms training to the next level through our advanced courses curriculum.

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    Experience the ultimate training with our diverse selection of courses. Whether looking to improve your skills in a group setting or seek personalized instruction, we have you covered. Book a one-on-one experience today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of obtaining a LTC or FID in Massachusetts?

The first step is taking the class which upon completion awards you the certificate you need to apply to your police department. This class is required whether you are looking to obtain your FID or LTC, it’s the same class for both. Ages 14 thru 20 will apply for their FID and Ages 21 and up apply for LTC. You will apply to your police department after the class is completed. We step you thru this in our licensing class.

How do I apply for my Rhode Island weapons permit?

Whether you are a non-resident or resident the process is the same although the prerequisites are different. You will need to shoot the qualification which is 75 feet (25 yd) at an Army-L target.

For RI residents: You need to get your blue card first. To get your blue card visit a gun shop in RI and take the test. Then you need to apply to the community you live in or the AG’s office. Obtaining a weapon’s permit thru the AG’s office is very difficult to get and will most likely be denied
and If you live in a community that is not gun friendly, then there is another option (if do you live in a community that is gun friendly then get the application and bring it to the shooting qualification session with us). If you have another states non-resident license like NH or UT then that will allow you to apply to any gun friendly community in Rhode Island.  The Utah permit holds more weight, and we offer this class. When you sign up for the RI qual class, we will give you the application you need to apply to a gun friendly community. It will take months (more or less) to get. 

For Non-residents: You need your MA LTC (not FID) first. You are almost guaranteed to get denied if you apply thru the AG’s office, so we have a gun friendly community we use for Non-resident applicants. When you sign up for the RI qual class, we will give you the application you need to apply to a gun friendly community. It will take 6
months (more or less) to get.

I haven’t shot in a long time and want to shoot the RI qualification...

We have different options for the
RI qualification, and one includes a 1.5 hour or private instruction. So, if
you don’t think you can shoot the qualification successfully, we advise you to select the private instruction option.

How old does my son or daughter need to be to take the Massachusetts licensing class?

Ages 14 to 20 for FID and 21 and up
for LTC.

How old do I need to be to apply for my Utah non-resident CFP?

18 and older, but you must take the

Do you offer woman’s only classes

Yes! We often schedule woman's only classes; however, please send us a message if no classes are currently being offered.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes, we offer private 1 on 1 and group classes for all our class offerings upon request. Depending on the class we require a group of 6 for a private group class but again is dependent of which class. Bets bet is to inquire with us.