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Defensive Shooting Fundamentals 1 (DSF-1)

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals 1 (DSF-1)

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The USCCA DSF Program is designed to teach ALL responsibly armed Americans how to respond efficiently and effectively during a dynamic critical incident.

One of the key elements to this is you must be able to process information while performing complex tasks. Defending yourself and those that you love requires you to apply multiple necessary skills, the DSF Program will help you to recognize learned stimuli and initiate learned intuitive responses, freeing up your mind to better process information. This is the key philosophy of the Counter Ambush Methodology. Each level of the DSF Program (L1 and L2) consists of a self-study e-learning module and a full day of instructor guided live fire instruction, drills, and simulations.

The DSF E-learning modules are presented by Rob Pincus, world-renowned instructor and developer of the DSF and the Intuitive Defensive Shooting Methodology. You will be introduced to concepts, terminology, and information that will prepare you to maximize your learning potential as you complete the live fire portion of the program. Your USCCA Certified DSF Instructor will teach you intuitive defensive shooting skills that work well with what the body does naturally under the stress of a dynamic critical incident.

You will realize your competency levels as you learn to apply skills in context during these intense live fire drills and simulations.

DSF L1 prepares the student for the most probable scenario and builds a solid foundation of defensive handgun skills such as; intuitive sighted fire, unsighted fire, using natural kinesthetic alignment, lateral movement, emergency reloads, assessment, presentation from the holster, and home defense concepts.

It’s important that your gear arrangement be the same for both training and when you carry. Loaner gear is available upon request.


  • Must have your own pistol and be able to legally own it
  • Must be familiar with loading and unloading your pistol

Class Logistics

Class Logistics:

After signing up for this class you will receive access t the e-learning. The e-learning must be done prior to the class.

Range Day Logistics:

It does not matter if you come carrying or not in fact we encourage you to carry but there will be NO handling of firearms or ammo until instructed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Rick Sherman
Teaching an old dog new tricks.

I have carried for over twelve years due to my employment. Thankfully, I never had to defend myself with my gun. My youngest has started to carry and told me about this course. What an eye opener! Bill's presentation is spot on. The class is intense and fun at the same time. I highly recommend this class to anyone who owns a gun and has it in their home for defensive use. Bill is excellent and knows exactly how to get the best out of you. Being the oldest in the class (75), sometimes I was a little slow on the uptake. But with practice and the skillset that Bill instilled, I know my family will be a lot safer now.

Stephanie A Mello
Well Worth The Time and Investment.

I have completed 3 sessions with Bill. 
My first session was an individual session where we he helped me choose the gun that was right me.
I shot several of his personal guns, but none were just right.
How did he solve that?  He took his "summer carry" off is belt and said, "try this one" and that was the winner!
He and Jeff from MTS Guns in Dighton made the purchase extremely easy.

Then a friend and I attend Bill's Before You Defend & Carry class, a must for whether or not you plan to carry. 
This 4-hour class was eye opening and included real world pointers of how to avoid becoming a victim. 
Ladies well worth the investment of your time.

Finally, this past weekend I attended the Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting class.  As a first-time shooter this class provided the foundation for me to begin building the skills necessary to be safe, responsible and effective gun owner.  Bill gave each one of us personal attention, he helped each of us identify the skills to improve.  The class ended with threat simulation that will allow you apply everything you learned.
Are you sure you know what you will do when confronted with a threat when someone chooses your worst day for you? This class will help you plan.  I could not recommend this class more. It was well worth the time and investment.  Bill will be seeing me again!

Jason Kent
Great learning experience

As a novice gun owner looking to feel more comfortable and confident with shooting and carrying a firearm, I found this class to be a great experience. We learned each skill individually, practicing them and building each into the next step incrementally-which allowed me to get comfortable with each new thing we were being taught. I felt so much more confident by the end of the class, and after practicing these new skills to make them habit, look forward to taking more courses. Truly an eye-opening and rewarding experience.

Gary H.
A Conceal Carry Must-Have, in my opinion anyway.

This was my first hands-on live-fire class and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Except for the extreme heat and humidity, which really sucked. That's just luck of the draw, and we drew the short straw that day. But, luck was on my side when I signed up for Bill's DSF 1 class. Bill is an extremely knowledgeable firearms instructor, who is articulate and takes the time to make sure his students understand and are able to execute (to a certain degree, then it's on you to practice and perfect) each step before moving on to the next. I learned a lot that day, and look forward to taking additional classes from Patriot Firearms School & Defense. Thank You Bill!

Gary H.
Waltham, MA

Michael Garcia

This is a must a must attend course for anyone who carries. Bill is an amazing instructor.