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NRA Basic Pistol E-Learning

NRA Basic Pistol E-Learning

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This 2-part class is for the beginner wishing to learn proper pistol safety, general knowledge, and live fire experience that does not have a full day to take the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting class. The “classroom” portion of the class is conducted online and the “practical” portion is conducted on the range thru us. Certificate received in this class is required to apply for your LTC and/or FID in Massachusetts.

NOTE: The date of the class can be moved to anytime so do not let that stop you from taking this. You will take the online portion and then schedule the practical portion after completion. The practical session will not be 5 hours in duration but more like 3. 

The first part of this class you will take on-line directly thru the NRA. We will send you a code for the training and then you will  go to and create an account. After you create the account sign up and take the online portion of the class. 

After completion of the online portion contact us to take the phase II practical portion (if not already scheduled).

Upon completion of this class you will earn the Massachusetts BFS certificate (needed to apply for your license in Massachusetts) and the NRA Blended learning certificate. Class includes Patriot Firearms School law packet. Class also includes range time and ammo where you will shoot .22, 9mm and 38 special.


Prerequisites: (if taking the class to get your gun license)

  • Must be 15 or older (for FID)
  • Must be 21 or older (for LTC)
  • Cannot have a felony on your record
  • Must not have been admitted to a mental health facility
  • Must not have had an alcohol related offense after 2004.
  • Must be a US citizen.

Class Logistics

All students to arrive at Mansfield Fish and Game at 510 East Street Mansfield MA at the time agreed upon. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tammy David
Informative Class

I have a very busy schedule so I chose the on line class. The class was easy to work through on my own time and very informative. The in person part with Instructor Dalpe was also very informative. I was an able to learn how to load and shoot different handguns. Instructor Dalpe also discussed all the laws and how to apply for your LTC.

Rosemarie Sullivan
Great course

Part of this course is online in the NRA site. Then in class with The instructor, where he reviews some of the online material and shows you how to handle/load different pistols and then you practice firing. He also goes over important laws in your State. I was extremely nervous going in because I had no experience with guns. Bill was awesome. He is very thorough and knowledgeable and I was completely comfortable when it came time to shoot. I am going to sign up for the Before You Carry & Defend class and also schedule some one on one time to practice shooting to make sure I am developing good habits. I would recommend Patriot Firearms to anyone interested a firearms license.

Sally Pineo
Fun and informative

Wonderful class- made learning the sometimes intimidating art of pistol safety very enjoyable. The class was small so had plenty of one on one with the instructor- highly recommended