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Patriot Advanced Handgun Defense

Patriot Advanced Handgun Defense

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This class picks up from where the Patriot Home and Self-Defense range session leaves off. This is an 8 hour class held solely at the range and is designed for the person who wants to take their handgun defensive skills and efficiency to the next level.

Elevate your live fire skills beyond the static draw and shoot format and develop your skill set to become an efficient defender of yourself and your family.

  • Gear and firearm review
  • Sighted vs unsighted fire review
  • Improve your defensive shooting accuracy (evaluation)
  • Firearms malfunctions and how to clear them (Failure drills)
  • To shoot or not to shoot (situational drills)
  • Move it (shooting on the move drills)
  • Scan and access (360-degree awareness drills)
  • Think… think… think (mental drills)
  • Move it (shooting on the move drills)
  • Shooting from and how to use barricades
  • Cover vs concealment
  • Innocent bystander drills
  • Shooting from kneeling, supine, seated, prone positions
  • Other impromptu drills that will build your skills


  • Must have taken the Patriot Home and Self-Defense class or equivalent (proof of prior training is required)
  • Must be able to own a firearm legally
  • Must be 21 or older (exceptions can be made)
  • Must own a firearm (one can be provided)
  • Must have holster that covers the trigger (one can be provided)
  • Must be a US citizen

Class Logistics

All students to arrive at Mansfield Fish and Game at 510 East Street Mansfield MA between 8:30-8:45. Safety briefing will be held at 9am sharp. Please bring any refreshment you may think you need. You are expected to bring your own gear including 750 rounds of ammo unless otherwise prearranged at the classroom session. Please wear comfortable clothing. You will get dirty. A detailed list will be given to you at the classroom session.

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Customer Reviews

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G. A.
Excellent instructor and class!

This was my 2nd class with I will be attending more. The clear and patient (but firm) instruction with personal attention to each student’s needs, was incredibly helpful to my learning process. Prior to attending class, the instructor was very responsive by phone and email in order to answer questions or concerns. This interaction before class, allowed me to be prepared and ready to learn! I highly recommend anyone who has apprehension (as I did) to go ahead and attend your first class, in order to gain the skills needed to be a responsibly and safely armed citizen of our great country. Thank you Patriot!!