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NRA Pistol Instructor

NRA Pistol Instructor

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BIT (Basic Instructor Training):

The BIT is the mandatory first class to take in becoming an NRA instructor. The BIT teaches you NRA policy, teaching methods, logistics in ordering materials, submitting course reports,  rules and regulations, tips on becoming an effective instructor, and more. This portion of the class is held on the Saturday before the Pistol specific class, the Pistol specific class is held on the next day, Sunday unless otherwise arranged. 

Pistol Specific Training:

The pistol specific class is where you learn the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to teach The NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting to students. You will be given all materials needed to teach the class and will put what you learned into practice. You will be teaching in this class and we learn best by doing!


  • Must have taken the new NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting class after May 2017. If you haven’t then you must take this class prior to the instructor workshop. We can provide a special class for you. Let us know. If taking it from us we offer a discount for the student version of the class for all registered instructor candidates.
  • Must have at least 1 year experience in gun safety, ownership, and operation. MUST demonstrate sound safety on the range and classroom.
  • Must complete the NRA Instructor Candidate range qualification with one of our instructors PRIOR to the class.

Class Logistics

BIT (Basic Instructor Training):

Unless otherwise specified, Friday from 5:00pm until  10:30pm. You can bring dinner and eat in class. If you carry that’s fine, safes will be on location to lock ammo up. You MUST have completed all prerequisites prior to attending. 

Pistol Specific Training:

Unless otherwise specified, Saturday from 8:30am until 6:00pm. You can bring lunch or order from pizza place. Specific details for this class will be covered in the BIT class.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
dave cadieux
This is the kind of instructor you want teaching you

I found Bill to be detailed, systematic, and thorough (all the foundational things one looks for in a precise topic such as firearms). I now point out that he is far more that than that ... he mentors his class, even in a class of 8-10 people, each person has a voice in the room to ask, clarify, raise concerns about how to teach something and Bill takes the time to make sure that everyone is learning to succeed.

I took this instructor class in Oct 2020 and have already taught 6 classes (total of 8 students)

Bill is not only a great teacher, he equips, encourages, and inspires each student to believe they can teach as well.

Bill Gallant

Bill Dalpe has given me the tools to become a good firearms instructor. He is a fantastic teacher in the classroom and on the range. My live fire training with Bill has proved invaluable. I would highly recommend Patriot Firearms to anyone interested in firearms or learning to train with your firearm.

Frederick A Jansky
Best Instructor Ever

I have recently completed The NRA’s Pistol a Instructor course even though it was pretty long that time flew by with the excellence of my instructor Mr. William Dalpe made class not only enjoyable but very informative highly recommend using Patriot Firearms or any course you may need or want to take

Rick D.
Great Class/Instructor

I took the Pistol Instructor Course will Bill a little over a year ago. Bill is a great instructor, makes the class interesting and informative while engaging the students. One of the things Bill does is if you have taken an instructor course with him, he allows you to sit in on the course again as a refresher for free. Because I haven't been teaching, I did the pistol course again this weekend and got so much out of it. Bill takes ownership and pride in the instructors he certifies, he's willing to act as a resource for us. His competence is exceptional as is his teaching ability.

Rick Owens
Great training

I would highly recommend the courses taught at Patriot Firearms School. Bill is a top rate trainer in the classroom and at the range. It is clear that Bill enjoys his work and puts a great amount of time and personnel effort into making sure his students learn and are successful. Unlike many other trainers he is open and receptive to students comments and concerns whether they be new or experienced shooters.