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Emergency First Aid

Emergency First Aid

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Most people when they think of being a "responsibly armed citizen" the firearm and it's use comes immediately to mind. However, this term goes well beyond the firearm. To put this in context, we are more likely to have to render some sort of medical care to a loved one or a fellow citizen than to use our firearm. That's our reality. This medical care could range from administrating CPR, applying an epi pen, recognizing the sign of a stoke, treating a burn, treating a back injury, and yes, stopping a major arterial bleed. 

You Will Learn:

  • Identify different types of bleeding
  • Apply various tourniquets and know when an how to apply them
  • Treating an open chest wound
  • Patient assessment (ABC, and AVPU)
  • Stabilizing a spine injury and how to move a patient
  • Clearing airway and breathing issues
  • Recognizing signs of a stroke (FAST)
  • Recognizing signs of a heart attack and learning an action plan
  • Treating hypothermia and heat stroke
  • How to treat compound fractures, breaks, and sprains


  • There are no prerequisites for enrolling in this course
  • You are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing as we will practice applying tourniquets and other medical devices on each other

Class Logistics

All students to arrive at 51 Winthrop St Unit 1 in Rehoboth between 5:45 and 6:00pm. You are welcome to bring dinner or order delivery from a local pizza shop. 

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Emergency first aid training

I highly recommend Bill for any training related to firearms and firearm safety. This is my third training with Patriot. Bill has a ton of knowledge and a knack for training.