Armed Vehicle Defense


Join us and gain the knowledge and skills in proper weapon manipulation techniques within proximity of vehicles with special guest instructor Mark Palazio of Practical Defense Tactics LLC! This course builds on the existing skills covered in Mark’s Beyond the Basics class as well as other qualified courses - challenging students to connect the tactics and techniques taught that work best for you while problem solving and potentially save lives.

The primary focus of this course is to demonstrate how to properly utilize a handgun both in and around vehicles by using these seemingly obtrusive confined spaces to your advantage. This course will also cover the science behind your ammunition and the effectiveness of ammunition through glass and metal barriers.

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What to Expect:

  • Safety Brief
  • Proper gear selection and placement for vehicles
  • Shooting from the vehicle
  • Shooting multiple threats
  • Target discrimination and priority
  • Cover and concealment around vehicles
  • Shooting outside of vehicles
  • Weapon manipulation in and around vehicles
  • Movement drills and improvised shooting positions around vehicles
  • Ballistics – what do your rounds do when shooting through class and sheet metal
  • De-Brief/Certifications



Please note: This course is not intended for a beginner level shooter. Students participating in this course must understand and be able to demonstrate safe gun handling skills, be familiar with weapon systems, and basic marksmanship skills as well as completed the Beyond Basic class or an equivalent course.


Class/Range Logistics:

This course will be held at the Patriot range in Taunton, MA. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the class start time.

It does not matter if you come carrying or not. In fact, we encourage you to carry; however, there will be NO handling of firearms or ammo until instructed.


What you need to bring:

  • An open mind
  • Ammo – 300+ rounds (no reloads), plus 25 bonded defensive rounds for testing
  • A fully functional and practical handgun with a minimum cal. of 9mm (a spare weapon system is recommended)
  • 3 working magazines
  • Clothing that is suited for range activity as well as appropriate for the season (no shorts as we will be working around sharp metal and glass)
  • Ear pro (electronics preferred) and Eye pro
  • Knee and elbow pads (optional but recommended)
  • Gloves (mandatory for moving and removing glass and sheet metal)
  • A baseball cap is recommended
  • Proper belt to support equipment
  • A water hydration device
  • Note pad, pen, and pencil
  • Lunch