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The GunBox 2.0 - Patriot Firearms & Defense School

The GunBox 2.0

Fingerprint + Keypad + RFiD Unlock

The Loyal Defender

The 2.0 is the ultimate accessible handgun storage solution designed to blend in with the décor of your home or office. The 2.0 secures your firearm whenever and wherever you may need it for immediate access.

Automatic Lid Opening You can unlock the 2.0 by fingerprint, keypad, or simply waving the RFID accessories such as the included key cards and fobs. The hydraulic shocks quickly and smoothly lift the lid giving you quick access when needed.

Exclusive Sleek Design The 2.0 was not designed to be a traditional gun safe. It is robust, heavier than it looks, and aesthetically pleasing.

Charge Ports The 2.0 is equipped with 2 USB charge ports for charging phones, tablets, powering speakers, or whatever else you fancy. Your crowded plugs will thank you.

Safeguard your family - secure your firearm - defend your home.

Available in:

Carbon Black & Gun Smoke

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