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The Gunbox ECHO - Patriot Firearms & Defense School

The Gunbox ECHO


Fingerprint + Keypad + RFiD Unlock

The Covert Commander

The ECHO is compact and portable, perfect for those on the go. TSA approved, the ECHO can easily be used to transport your firearm in your checked baggage. It’s also the perfect way to keep your gun safe and accessible while traveling in a car, truck, or RV.

Everyday Carry The ECHO was designed to go where you go. For those that can’t carry, the versatile ECHO will securely store your firearm and prevent any unauthorized access. Use it on a daily basis from home to office, office to the range, and back home again.

Portable The ECHO has a battery life up to 6 months, making it perfect for transporting your firearm. Whether you are traveling by car, truck, RV, or by plane, the ECHO is the ideal gun storage travel companion.

Affordable Yet Efficient The ECHO was designed to be a smaller footprint yet has the same Biometric, Keypad, RFiD Unlock, and Safety Features as the other Gunbox models. Don’t let its compact design fool you, the ECHO still packs a mean punch!

Safeguard your family - secure your firearm - defend your home.

Available in: Carbon Black & Gun Smoke

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