NRA Refuse to be a Victim

NRA Refuse to be a Victim

A nationally recognized crime prevention and personal safety program designed to provide men, women , and families with information that assists in the development of their own personal safety strategies. The single most important step toward ensuring your own safety is having a personal safety strategy in place before you need it. NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim® program teaches the tips and techniques you need to be alerted to dangerous situations and to avoid becoming a victim. This is a 4 hour seminar and comes with valuable materials. Class includes a can of pepper spray and you will have the opportunity to spray pepper spray so you know how it works

Class location:

Patriot Firearms School & Defense LLC | 51 Winthrop St Unit 1 Rehoboth, MA.

You will learn:

  • Dorm Security
  • Personal Security
  • Travel Security
  • Work/School Security
  • Technological Security
  • Mental Preparedness
  • Automobile Security


Note: This class has nothing to do with firearms but firearms and pepper spray are mentioned as possible forms of protection. 

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NRA Refuse to be a Victim

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