NRA Basic Rifle/Shotgun

NRA Basic Rifle/Shotgun

Class to be held at:

Patriot Firearms School & Defense LLC ; 224 Winthrop St Rehoboth, MA.
Bottled water and coffee will be supplied.
Bring your lunch or order from pizza place, menus will be supplied.
Range time will be in Rehoboth.
For class sizes over 6 students range time may be scheduled at a later date

Class Goal:

To earn your Basic Rifle or Shotgun NRA Safety Certificate
(Certificates suitable for framing /  NRA certificates good for all states)


 This course also qualifies you to apply for a FID in Massachusetts NOT an LTC. If you want to apply for your LTC (Pistol license) then you need to take the NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course.

Must be 15 years or older to apply for your FID.  This is a great first step in becoming a responsible gun owner. You will leave with all certified NRA materials.


You will learn:

  • Safe Shotgun/Rifle handling
  • Shotgun/Rifle parts and operation
  • Ammunition and how it works
  • Shooting fundamentals
  • How to improve your shooting skills

Class duration:

 This is a 10 hour course.


NRA Basic Rifle/Shotgun (FID)

  • Price: $250.00
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