Home (or work) Defense Simulation and Training

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The Concealed Carry and Home Defense 101 class is a prerequisite to this class.

I’m sure you have a fire drill you practice with your family or co-workers but what about a home or work invasion drill? No?  You don’t need to go to far to realize that in today’s world you need one.

This class is held at your home or place of business.We will help you formulate and develop a very specific home or work defense strategy and then we will practice your plan using SIRT or AirSoft Guns. This class will be the best home or work place defense training you will ever get! We will work through several scenarios and situations. Depending on what your comfortable with, we can make it feel like a real home invasion and your adrenaline will be pumping.  We will tailor the class to the level that you and your family (or co-workers) are comfortable with.

As you know your gun is a tool of last resort. This training is gun centered but is NOT the whole focus. Everyone should have a “job to do” in a good home invasion plan and we will train every person in the family that you see fit.

This class also includes a home safety survey. Call or e-mail us to set-up a class and to get specific pricing.

Home Defense Strategies

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